Current Loves

1 – Fall Decor. I do not go all out but do a few little things to make the house feel more like fall.

20160905_135928 20160906_134243 20160906_134318

2 – Live Clean. I know I say this all the time but they spoil me and we love their products. I swear they always know just what we need too. All these body washes smell so darn good! The new one, Soothing Vanilla Oatmeal might be my favourite. It also comes in a hand soap! With all the talk about antibacterial these days I love that all their products are safe for our whole family, vegan, sulfate/phthalate/petrolatum/silcone/dye free, no animal by-products and are eco-friendly. Both these products have certified organic botanical of vanilla and chamomile (hence the lovely smell) to help soothe the skin.

20160907_132545 The other body washes are their coconut milk moisturizing body wash, exotic nectar argan oil replenishing body wash and their fresh water moisturizing body wash.


3 – Zulu (glass) water bottle. I love my Contigo but wanted to make the switch to glass since I use my water bottle 24/7. I found a two pack at Costco for $19!


4 – Fall. I know, I said Fall decor already but every year I fall more in love with this season.

img_8978 img_8988 img_9062 img_9075

4 – Kismet Coco Rinse.


First of all, I am a sucker for packaging, and they nailed their packaging. I have been curious about oil pulling in the past so wanted to give this product a try. The company is based out of Vancouver and I love to support Canadian companies. All the ingredients they use are GMO free, organic and ethically sourced. They only use the highest quality virgin, organic coconut oil.

Why try oil pulling I bet you are thinking? Well there are a ton of benefits they list, from whiter teeth, improved digestion, healthier gums, clearer skin and more.

The product I received was a 14 day kit of individual packages of their Cool Mint Coconut Oil Pulling Kit.  I had no idea how I would do with it since you empty the oil into your mouth and swoosh it around for 10-20 minutes. The first day I did gag a lot but found if I kept busy I wa a lot better. Typically I did it for 10-15 minutes. It took me 16 days since I missed two days – they recommend doing it before eating or brushing your teeth.


My results  I do think my teeth are whiter by a shade but it is hard to tell and in photos it is not noticeable. I cannot say I saw any other benefits in just 14 days but would think some of the benefits they list would come after another 2 weeks of doing it.  My teeth and breath did seems a lot cleaner and fresher during the 2 weeks though which I really liked!

5 – These raincoast crisps. These are by far my favourite crackers – so I rarely buy them since I will eat them all in 24 hours!


6 – My mug. We were in Chapters right before my birthday and Avery picked it up and told me it was my present so basically Chad had to buy it 😉


7 – PiYo. I wanted something different for the next couple months that focused on core work. After only a week I know I picked the right program. It challenges me mentally too! It is the perfect balance while I work on shorter, faster runs as well.


8 – My new Lorna Jane activewear. I hosted a party at my house and Chad treated me to a couple pieces for my birthday gift. They are opening a store in Calgary next month for anyone that is interested in seeing more of their line!

This is probably already my favourite sports bra. It has adjustable straps, removable padding and SO comfy. I honestly did not know what I was missing out on! It has the perfect amount of support too.

20160923_084408 20160923_084421

And these crops are flattering and I love the fabric (I am not a Lulu pant fabric fan!) – it is soft and comfortable.




What are you loving these days?

Weekend Recap

We had another beautiful weekend, after a so-so August I knew September would treat us well 🙂


I decided to try out drop-in gymnastics for a bit in the morning for Avery. It was ok, she had a ton of fun but it was a tad crazy for me (I do not deal well with a ton of non-listening, hyper kids!).


I got out for a slow 7km run after the girls had naps then we went to the park.


Avery refused to wear a coat and the wind was cold, oh and she also will not wear shoes at the park. Sigh.


Chloe loves the swing!


My girls:



Our morning consisted of a market trip and the usual Saturday morning errands. Neither girl napped long so we went out to do a few things in the afternoon since our other plans fell through and of course both girls were out within 10 minutes.

Avery is obsessed with playing dress-up and wanted a pink cowgirl hat so I grabbed one at the dollar store, turns out she hated it (threeanger) so we let Chloe wear it:


It felt like summer in out backyard so we hung out, had some drinks while the girls played.

img_9157 img_9155 img_9151 img_9133 img_9127Avery took a much better photo of me this time:


Later we visited my brother at his place then headed home for the night. I tried to watch a movie with Chad but was not feeling great so went to bed.


I really should have ran outside but I opted for the deadmill for a fast 9km. Truth – I find speed training much easier on my treadmill!


Since we both were done out workouts by 9:30am we got ready and walked to Starbucks.

During naps I cleaned, did laundry and prepped some freezer meals. I finished everything just in time before Chloe woke up hungry.

We spent the rest of our afternoon exploring some new to us trails with my Mom, brother and girlfriend. I am in so in love with fall and my city.

screenshot_20160925-173857 screenshot_20160925-173804 screenshot_20160925-173605-1 screenshot_20160925-173442 screenshot_20160925-161747 img_20160925_154050 20160925_154949 20160925_154712 20160925_154755 20160925_154509

My 8pm I was done! We have a busy week ahead, play dates, appointments and Chad’s mom is visiting. Plus I never got around to doing much last week when I was sick so this week is catch up time.


Foodie Friday

I came down with a cold this week (insert sobs) after Avery had the sniffles last week I should have known it was coming. Luckily my last cold was last September and this one only lasted a few days.


I started my morning with my new workout program for the next couple months:


More on this next week!

I spent the morning in the kitchen armed with a can of pumpkin, pumpkin breakfast cookies and muffins:



Oh and teething cookies for Chloe which she threw on the ground – apparently she was not a fan so Mum Mums it is!


After naps we headed out for a walk and to the park:


20160919_154221 20160919_154100

Becky had invited me to a Pilates class at Studio Pilates that evening and while I was not feeling the best I could not pass it up. We did an hour long apparatus class which was really awesome. I could see myself doing more for sure. It focused a ton on core strength and stability which is exactly my focus right now.

img_7526Local people – watch Becky’s blog over the next couple of months – she is doing a feature on local workouts and gyms to give you all the down-low on what is available here!


I woke up feeling like death 🙁 I managed to get Avery out of the house for yoga playground and then run a couple errands before heading back home.

My Mom brought me medication and Booster Juice at lunch and then I crawled into bed for a bit. After being in bed for a bit Avery ran into my bedroom and told me she was hiding in the bonus room – aka not napping. Sigh.

The rest of the day we spent hibernating, which meant endless tea parties, TV shows and messes. I did make pumpkin spice balls to be a little productive:

20160920_152445 20160920_122723 20160920_160148

That night Chad started to feel sick too so we were both in bed before 9pm!


I woke up pretty sore from Pilates and the flu/cold did not help! We had a long morning at home so by 10am we went for a walk, took some more fall photos and went to Starbucks.

img_9114 img_9087 img_9069 img_9067


img_9100 img_9113 img_9079

I asked Avery to take a photo of me, she totally nailed it:


I started to feel flu like around lunch so took some medication and rested during nap time. After naps we headed out for a 5km run then to the park.

We watched the Big Brother finale that night and the girl I wanted to win did – Woot woot!! Now what to do with all our evenings?! 😉


I wanted to run in the morning but it is too chilly for me (wimp, I know) so instead I did PiYo. We finished a fall craft:


I have no idea why this was under a toddler craft, all she did was pick the leaves and branch. The leaves were soaked in glycerin to preserve them though the colours did fade. Now to find a home for it!

Avery and Chloe love playing blocks these days, meaning Chloe steals them all and it annoys Avery.

20160922_112346I did a power clean and started this post during naps so we could go get our Jungle Farm veggies after.

Becky joined us for supper (Chopped Leaf) and then we got ready for our Lorna Jane Party. Seriously so much cute stuff – if you did not come you missed out 😉


I ended up getting crops and a bra:


Their store is opening in Calgary next month so make sure you follow them for details!

Onto meal planning:

foodie friday

Saturday – Crockpot Chicken Hawaiian Tacos – Host to the Toast

Sunday – Smokies, Corn on the cob & salad

Monday – Spaghetti & turkey meatballs

Tuesday – OUT – belated anniversary supper

Wednesday – Sweet Potato, Black Bean, Quinoa Bowls – Recipe Runner

Thursday – Asian Chicken Wraps – Well Plated by Erin

Friday – TBD – Chad’s Mom is coming to visit so we will order in or go out 🙂

This weekend we have no plans and it feels so nice!!



Fall Bucket List

The seasons are a changing so it is that time again to update our bucket list for the upcoming season! Fall has always been my favourite and we have already checked off some of these items. Heck if time allows I will do them all twice!



Activewear Essentials & Favourites

I never realized until lately but I have become somewhat of a activewear junkie and hoarder… The truth is though 75% of my weekly laundry is activewear! I feel I own every brand under the sun and am always excited to find and try new to me brands since you never know when you will find that favourite piece!

Last month I was contacted by a Silver Icing stylist that introduced me to their brand – I had never heard of it before! After browsing their site I wondered how so instantly wanted to share it with everyone just in case you are like me and have never checked them out before. It is an online direct sales company, and the above link will let you shop online. After chatting with my stylist we decided I would try their exclusive activewear crops (I went with the rainforest ones). She was so helpful with sizing and all my questions, something I look for when ordering online to make sure I get my order right the first time!

Within days I had my crops in my hands and put them on and to the test! My first thought was “WOW” – no lie. These are unlike any crop or legging I own. I could see myself wearing these for days. They are a combination of polyester and elastane and incredibly soft. They do not fade, stretch or shrink!


They sit right at my waist which I have started to love since that means I am not constantly pulling them up or exposing anything when I am picking up babies, toys, books…etc 😉 Mom life!


The artwork is exclusive to Silver Icing as well! Isn’t it beautiful?


I put them to the test on a hike in Canmore recently and got a few compliments on them too! They even matched the scenery 😉

screenshot_20160910-151607 screenshot_20160910-151714

I have now washed them 3-4 times and their claims are true, no fading, shrinking or stretching! And still SO soft.

These would be perfect for so many things, a quiet day at home, a yoga class, hiking, spin class and of course running.

Avery and I twinning in our leggings:


My stylist also has a Facebook page where she posts new products, presales and other features. Give it a like so you can see more of their items!

I am already lusting over a few of their items 😉

Like I said above lately I have started to love higher waist crops. Even a few months ago I would have not worn them and never wore crops to run since I always felt like I was pulling them up but now? LOVE. They are definitely at the top of my activewear favourites now.

Another new favourite of mine? Running hats. There is nothing worse than running with the sun beating down on your face or if it is raining water dripping down your face. My two favourites from Columbia and Under Armour:


Going into cooler temps my next favourite is my new lightweight running jacket. I have looked at ones similar to this for years but at $100+ could not do it. Then I found this one at Winners for $25 and it fit like a glove. Score! The brand is Marika – another new to me brand!


In action at my Canmore race:


After using it in the rain at the Canmore half marathon I realized how much it is needed for not only rainy days but cool days, it adds just that one more layer of protection without overheating you.


What are your current activewear favourites?